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Machine ID 1215 Year 2019
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - CNC Machining Centers Condition Brand new with warranty
Type Stone & Granite Router Region Northeast US
Manufacturer CNC AMT Sale Price $187000.00
Model SR 126    
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This unit has been designed specifically for Granite and Stone routing. Most routers are not built with enough mass to take on Granite and virtually eliminate the vibration which can often cause problems. This router weighs in excess of 8 tons and eliminates that problem. Everything from the spindles to the vacuum system have been engineered specifically to cut natural stone.

This package includes software, Installation and training (3 Days).


Moving Gantry Machine Design

12 ft. x 6 ft. (1,828mm x 3,658mm) cutting area

14" Z Axis Travel

7 or 12 kW ISO 40 HSD Granite Spindle


8 Position Tool Changer

All Axis on Thomson ground square rails

Servo Driven Thomson precision ball screws


5HP Vacuum Pump with tank specifically designed for stone cutting

8 Vacuum Hold-Down Pods

BOBCAD Version 17 Software


CNC Computer

Upgradeable Software

3.5" Floppy Disk Drive

Internal Solid State Hard Drive

15" Color LCD Display

Mouse, Keyboard, and Parallel Ports

Digital Fiber Optics


Options Included

Handheld Remote Pendant

Multiple Work Coordinates

Unlimited Part Program Size

Scaling, Mirroring, and Coordinate Rotation

Laser Compensation

High Speed Machining

Ethernet Interface

User Definable Macros and Advanced Program Features

RS232 File Transfer

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email bron@stoneml.com

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