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Machine ID 1783 Year 2005
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - CNC Machining Centers Condition Reconditioned with warranty
Type 4-Axis CNC Machining Center Region Southeast US
Manufacturer Gadia Sale Price $94500.00 (Retails for $207590.00)
Model PetraDAM 3616-16000-17    
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Description Price includes installation, refurbished, with all the cones, 3 complete profile sets for 3cm, start-up training, PC computer with 22" monitor screen, new software, and 12 months parts & 60 labor warranty (Travel, lodging & meal costs of technician, shipping costs and rigging costs at your facility for machine are excluded)

Computer with numerical control of 4 Axes and means, X, and, z, c and A; in-terpolated of individual form, or to each other and at the same time, for the me-chanized one of the Natural Stone, Granite, Marble, Light Alloys and Glass. The central mechanical unit will be able to execute the following operations:

To drill

To mill flat surfaces

To mill contouring inclined surfaces


To polish flat surfaces

To polish inclined surfaces

To polish contouring

To record letters

To record drawings

To carve stop and bas-relief

To cut with disc to 90

Cuts with disc to 120

Digital sculptures in 3D (Optional)

To reproduce sculptures in 3D (Optional)

General structure of the machine.

Designed according to advanced criteria of the production of machinery:

- Mono-block working structure carrying the rest of the components.

- Axis X, Y, Z, and C of modular construction. Each unit of movement is an indi-vidual and independent element. This facilitates its manufacture, assembly and maintenance to not depend on other units for its mechanical conception.

- Centralization of the auxiliary elements (hydraulic pump, generating vacuum, pneumatic system, refrigeration system...) in a single module.

- Electrical drive system with maintenance free digital actuators, which is gives simultaneously high accuracy and allows a high production capacity.

Steel monoblock working platform and units of movement.

- Welded steel monoblock working platform of high mechanical resistance, with annealed and stabilized heat treatment of for the elimination of residual stres-ses on the material. Shotpeened for better absorption of the double layered Zinc covering. Support surface for the cupping glasses of the materials on highly durable aluminum.

- X-axis. Similar characteristics and treatment of the steel monoblock working platform, protected by thermo-welded bellows totally sealed and pressurized. This assures double protection of all the mechanical and electrical elements of the unit against oxidation and dust.

Guidance system: skids of rotating bearings, with high precision and lifting ca-pacity.

Translation by tempered and rectified spinning pinion-rack, with minimum fric-tion.

Transmission by reducer connected directly to the motor.

- Axis Y, Y. Similar characteristics and treatment of the steel monoblock wor-king platform and Axis X, protected by welded bellows totally closed and pres-surized. This assures double protection of all the mechanical and electrical ele-ments of the unit against oxidation and dust.

System of guidance with skids of rotating balls, high precision and lifting capaci-ty.

Translation by tempered and rectified spinning pinion-rack, with minimum fric-tion.

Transmission by reducer connected directly to the motor.

-Axis Z. Similar characteristics and treatment as the steel monoblock working bench and the other axes, protected by welded and pressurized bellows. Its mechanical design has allowed that it is totally independent of the transverse axis and the working head totally is closed and pressurized, safeguard of re-markable way one of the most important elements of the central mechanical unit.

Guidance system: skids of rotating bearings, with high precision and lifting ca-pacity.

Translation by small spindle of rotating balls warmed up and rectified of double nut and under friction.

Transmission by direct shaft engine.

-Axis C. Of similar characteristics and treatment that the working bench and the other axis of the machine: guidance system with precise bearings.

Turning motion performed by pinions and rectified tempered materials.

Transmission by reducer connected directly to the motor.

- The kinematics of the axis result in an extraordinarily smooth, precise and quiet displacement; and a high resistance as much to static loads as dynamic, that assures the maximum rigidity and precision during the mechanized one. All this is translated into very low maintenance and a considerable increase of the duration of the central mechanical unit.

Useful Run.

Axis X 3.600 mm., positioning repeatability  0,01 mm.

Axis Y 1.600 mm., positioning repeatability  0,01 mm.

Axis Z 250 mm., positioning repeatability  0,01 mm.

Axis C  360, positioning repeatability  0,001.

Axis A  1, positioning repeatability  0,001.

Head working unit.

- Maximum Power 17,5 kW equal to 24 CV.

- Engine torque 38 Nm.

- Speed of rotation between 0 y 16.000 revolutions per minute, (r.p.m.).

- Refrigeration of working head circuit closed by means of heat exchanger.

-Pressurized interior for protection against the outer atmosphere, humidity and dust.

- Automatic tool change.

These characteristics, have enormous benefits, allows the limits on working capacity of the central working unit be much higher than those needed for re-quired operations.

Double refrigeration of the cutting tool.

- Inner refrigeration in center working unit.

- Outer refrigeration located in the perimeter crown.


- Units of displacement, described previously, totally sealed and pressurized.

- Surface rust-free zinc-plated, nickel-plated, and anodized treatments are util-ized according to the most convenient treatment for each function employed.

Tool Storage.

- Automatic storage, located in the posterior part of the monoblock working plat-form with capacity for 24 tools. Two of the slots can also store the angle cutting blade tool holders (90 and 120)

- The change of tools is automatic governed by the CNC program.

Portable button.

Permits the movement of all axis' by numerical control. Extremely useful and easy to use (due to the useful dimensions of the axis, 3600x1600x250mm) in positioning the working head in all situations that require the adjustment of dif-ferent elements and operations before and after the fabrication of the piece.

Individual button.

Located on Z-axis, allows to manual attaching and removing of the tool from the working head.

Installation of vacuum.

By means of a pump of a liquid ring vacuum (it can act as a liquid atmosphere), the suction cups adhere to the piece from the bottom of the working table.

The different models from these suction cups (clamp, reference, moor, retract-able, manual support) make it possible for the piece of stone to be finished completely with out interruptions.


Power station of lubrication centralized with automatic solid grease distribution on the elements of mechanical transmission.

It has an electrical control on the installed points of lubrication, for perfect me-tering and distribution.

Control of electrical consumption.

By means of a digital ampere meter one can watch the power being consumed by the working head at any given moment. This serves to detect any possible anomalies that might occur during any phase of production.

Electrical Panel

In this closet reside all the main electrical elements that compose the computer. numerical control Rack, regulators of motors of axis, regulator of Head working unit, entrances and exits of robot, transforming of current, thermostats, etc., all with air conditioned refrigerator directed to stabilize the temperature in its inte-rior and to avoid possible alarms caused by high room temperature previously set off the internal security systems of the mentioned elements.

With a level of protection to percent humidity and according to the exigencies of electromagnetic compatibility.

General control panel

The elements of control and government of the machine are located here: Nu-merical control Screen, keyboard, pulsers, selectors, pilots, etc. This disposi-tion, separating on the one hand the Electrical Closet and by another one the Control panel, allows to place this one in a position from which the worker can see the tool while he manipulates the machine by hand having the control units of the same one.

Numerical control.

Mark: NUM Telemecanica

Model: 1060

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email bron@stoneml.com

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