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Machine ID 3284 Year 2007
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - CNC Machining Centers Condition ATFS, in good running condition
Manufacturer USG HELIOS AUTMAZIONI Sale Price $52400.00
Model QUANTUM 3300    
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Description Brand: Helios Automazioni

Model: Quantum 3300

Serial number:275004

Year of Manufacturer: 2007

Voltage: both available 210/220/240 or 430/460/480

HP spindle motor: 15

RPM range: 1000-6000 machining, up to 9000 for engraving

Machining capacity: bed size 3300mmx1600mm

Vertical, z-axis travel: 420mm

Production rate edge shaping/polishing

How many spindle hours: 300 hours and there is a back up rebuilt complete head/spindle 0 hours

How many tool changers: 24

How many vacuum pods: 0

How many tool sets with the machine: 0

Condition: Used in fine working order

What software with the machine, any upgrades: Helios Millennium, autoCAD lite

State location, Canada

Monobloc or monolithic design (one piece): monolithic??

Foot print set-up: 5300x3300x2500mm

Weight: 3900 kg

Water consumption gallons: 20-30 GPM

Necessary flatbed space for transport on a 102" wide truck- how many linear feet: 18'

Price when originally bought: 190,000

Machine with clear title or financed: Clear title

Machine still under power: yes

Who is responsible for dismantling:BUYER SELLER IS WILLING TO HELP AND MOTIVATED

CNC comes with the following features:

3-4 or 5 axis machine: 3 but 5 is available there purchase options

Rotating head C-axis: No

Overhead laser projection control: No

Digitizer: No

Pendant control: No

Internal water recirculation or water purification system with tank: No

Additional saw spindle: No

Service records: No

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email Bron@StoneMachineryLocator.com

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