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Machine ID 4284 Year 2003
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - Quarry Block Saws Condition Currently in use
Type Quarry Block Saw Region Midwest US
Manufacturer Park Industries Sale Price $75000.00
Model Eagle 3    
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Description 2003 Park Industries Eagle 3

Blade drive motor: 75 HP

Inch Blade, 16 Inch arbor flange, 60" sawing depth

Saw bridge travels on gantry tracks when moving from cut to cut

Blade and arbor move up and down when indexing through cut

Blade on right as viewed by operator

Automatic cut direction: selectable by the operator

Blade drive motor starter: soft start

Arbor drive bearings: opposed tapered roller bearings

Blade drive system: single belt/gearbox reduction

Raise and lower travel distance: 64"

Raise and lower bearing system: dual round linear ways with precision slide bearings

Raise and lower drive: brake motor with speed reducer and enclosed ball screw

Rise & Fall travel speed: 70 IPM (maximum)

Cross travel stroke: 14'- 10" maximum

Cross travel bearing/guidance system: dual round linear ways with precision slide bearings

Cross travel speed: 1.5 - 40 FPM

Cross travel drive: variable speed AC motor, speed reducer, heavy duty inverted rack and pinion

Gantry travel length: 18'

Gantry track length: 30'

Gantry travel bearing/guidance: hardened double flanged wheels riding on machined steel track

Gantry travel drive: variable speed dual drive motor with speed reducers driving rack and pinion, brakes on both sides

Gantry travel system: high-low tracks: customer supplies gantry foundation per Park Industries? specifications

Gantry travel speed: 1.5 - 30 FPM

Bridge construction: heavy duty steel weldment, stress relieved and precision machined

Power and water distribution system along bridge: center drop

Water distribution system to blade: water forks

Water control system: heavy duty steel blade shroud

Laser light mounted on bridge

Weight: 45,000 lbs.

Control Package:

Programmable for automatic operation

Automatic step cut with final pass

Digital input of variable next cut locations with kerf adder

-1/2" monochrome touch screen for all powered movements

Main motor amp meter with overamp safety

Amp Following

Water flow safety

Water control solenoid

Hour meter with clock

High block sensor

Low RPM sensor

Remote dial-up serviceability

Programmable maintenance message display

Specifications were taken from the manufacturer's web site for a 2012 model and cannot be guaranteed and need to be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 17434 Palamino Lake Dr
Dade City Florida 33523
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email bronhenry@fastmail.com

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