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Machine ID 3256 Year
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - Slab Polisher Condition Reconditioned and painted
Type Automatic Programmable Slab Polisher W/ New Co.Me.S Polishing head Region Southeast US
Manufacturer Crown Machine Sale Price $33800.00
Model Orbit 7    
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Description Machine includes (1)New Co.Me.S Polishing head

Completely redone with new control panel. Gantry type polisher with 7 ft. polishing width. Length of gantry is unlimited, fully automated. Can do brushing or leathering of slabs, uses single polishing head, manual change of bricks. This machine can perform pre-selected sequences and run automatically from one slab to another whatever be the dimensions and heights. Machine has the ability of polishing multiple slabs of any dimensions. The body has a two-beamed solid, one-piece construction form. Two tubes equipped with slides for the carriage movement. The head 15 balanced on the body, so as to avoid any cantilever effect. A large vertical stroke provides great flexability.


7' Width capacity

�At any time the operator can override the automatic sequences. Technical features:

�Body: two-beamed solid, one piece construction.

�Carriage: solid, one piece construction. Balanced right on the frame.

�Polishing capacity: 8 slabs

�Pongitud1nal travel: 12 foot stainless slides.

�Travels: powered by hydraulic motors. Speeds from (approx. 17/3 ft min)

�Arbor: hydraulic pressure, cylinder, driven by poly-v-belts.

�Control panel: close and convenient to the operator.

�Arbor motor: 15hp

�Hydraulic pump motor: 3 HP

Polishing heads start at $4,350

Co.Me.S Polishing heads start at $4,850

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email bron@stoneml.com

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