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Machine ID 3787 Year 2007
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - Bridge Saws Condition Good
Type Bridge Saw W/Rotary Tilt Table Region West Coast US
Manufacturer Park Industries Sale Price $32000.00
Model Yukon II HP & Max Diamond Wheel Diameter Inches 20 HP 24* Max Dia
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Description The following specifications and control features are taken from the manufacturer's web site for a 2010 model and cannot be guaranteed to be acurate for a 2007 model.

Buyer will be responsible for rigging and loading charges.

Maximum sawing depth with diamond blades designed for granite: 2-1/4" with 14" blade, 3-1/4" with 16" blade, 6-3/4" with 24" blade

Maximum tool width: 1-1/2"

Blade housing built to accept 24" blade (maximum)

Blade center hole to fit a 50mm arbor shaft

Blade mounted on left side of bridge as viewed by operator

Blade flange size: 8-1/2"

Main motor size: 20 HP AC, 1150 RPM across the line starters, TEFC motor

Main drive system: Direct drive

Bridge miter with portable digital angle indicator (accurate to 0.1 degree): 0-47 degree manual position and lock

Track type wire/hose distribution system for cross-head travel

Cross-head travel distance: 144" travel provides 136" plunge cut in 4 cm (1-1/2") thick material with 14" blade

Cross-head travel speed: 1-50 FPM, variable-speed AC drive, TEFC motor

Cross-head travel drive: Rack & pinion

Cross-head travel guides: Dual round linear ways with precision slide bearings and automatic oil system

Raise and lower: 12"

Raise and lower drive: variable-speed AC drive; screw driven

Fixed blade cover: includes ball valve and water hose and water forks for water application to blade

Standard gantry rails: 198" in length, 11' 6" cutting area

Gantry drive speed: 1-20 FPM, automatic air brakes


Joystick or touch-screen gantry controls

3 pre-set move single-cut widths and added +/- direction toggle

Improved procedure for changing cut-modes

10 auto-mode programmable cut widths

Two storable preset X axis soft limits

Programmable ìroddingî soft limit to Z axis

External pushbutton arbor control switches

New pendant control design

New coiled pendant cable

Simplified screen navigation and improved labeling

Merged manual and semi-automatic functions into one function for making single cuts

Adopted X-Y-Z coordinates to describe direction of movement

Improved touch-screen interface with fast refresh speed

Y axis joystick has center lock to prevent accidental movement

User-selected Spanish or English language controls

New diagnostic screen

Operator help screens

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 6264 Kurt Street
Brooksville Florida 34604
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email Bron@StoneMachineryLocator.com

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