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Machine ID 4194 Year 2005
Category Used Machinery - Stone Machinery - CNC Bridge Saws Condition Needs repair
Type CNC Bridge Saw Region West Coast US
Manufacturer BRETON    
Model FE 600 EASY CUT    
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Description Bridge saw is in good condition, was dissembled and the battery lost power and now needs a new computer or rebooted.

The Easycut FE 600 Evolutionis manufactured by Breton - Natural & Compound Stone Division.

It is a bridge sawing machine, that is designed for marble and granite.

Features of the FE 600 include a circular blade of 625 mm diameter.

The FE 600 can be inclined manually from 0° to 90° regardless of the position.

It can also be perform step-cutting even when inclined.

Other features include a mobile button panel with 7" color touch-screen, joysticks for moving the machine axes, and simultaneous movement of the X-Y axes.

There is also a laser unit with continuous beam to drive the cut.

The planarity tolerance of the steel worktop (in various positions) is ± 1 mm with respect to the nominal height.

Disclaimer: All the information needs to be verified by the manufacturer.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 17434 Palamino Lake Dr
Dade City Florida 33523
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email Bron@StoneML.com

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