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Machine ID 4209 Year 2006
Category New Machinery - Stone Machinery - Radial Arm & Multitask Work Stations Condition ATFS, in good running condition
Type Radial Arm & Multitask Work Station Region Northeast US
Manufacturer Thibaut Sale Price $49900.00
Model 108S V4    
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Description Nice Machine w/Lots of Tooling

The Thibaut T108 multi-purpose machine for bowl cut-outs, edging, face polishing (marble or granite), honing, antiquing, drilling, drain-boards or recessed areas, grooving, calibrating, and much more exists as a post-mounted machine (the S version) and a Wall-Mount (the L version) for greater traversing. Critical to this type of machine is good weight and stability characteristics, ease of handling and operation via logical menus, and technical support both for the machine and for tooling.

Specifications as per attached manufacturer's literature, see full specs and application pictures at http://documents.eurostone-thibaut.com/brochures/T108-series.pdf

Function Multi-purpose machining center

Frame Welded structure

Processed materials Granite, marble, engineered stone, artificial materials, engineered stone, etc...

Spindle motor 5.1 kW (6.8 HP) at 1500 RPM with speed variation from 250 to 10000 RPM

Fast tool changing Tool removal through proportional drive unit . Attachment of tools by ISO 40 cones

Working pressure Pneumatic, with manual pressure regulator, stroke 3,93''

Traverse capacity Stroke 11.97 ft, longitudinal shifting by round bars and ball bushings.

X axis (for T 108 L) Diving by gear reducer with speed variation (from 0,2 to 6,4 m/min)

Thickness or vertical capacity Stroke 11,41''. Vertical shifting on precision linear guiding.

(Z axis) Continuous or impulse driving by motor reducer with speed variation from 75 to 900 mm / min

Max. Dimensions worked T 108S : work on 3 edges : 8,53 ft x 2,29 ft or 9,84 ft x 2,13 ft, work on 4 edges : 7,54 ft x 2,78 ft

L shape kitchen : 6,56 ft x 4,26 ft

with the tool diameter 120 mm T 108 L : 10,49 ft x 1,26 ft, L shape kitchen : 11,72 ft x 4,34 ft

Requirements - supply air : 15 cubic meters / h, 6 bar min

water : for external watering : 25 l / min ("monuments" option)

water : for spindle watering : central watering with filtration to 60 microns, 12 l/ min mini 4 bars

power : T 108 S : 5,7 kW - T 108L : 6,7 Kw Lubrication Centralized and manual (for T 108 L)

Automatism Programmable controller

Control board with graphic and tactile color screen. Display of all parameters.

Equipments Ergonomic handling lever equipped with multi directional joystick for the control of movements

stainless steel control board and housing of tools

permanent display of the X (T108 L) and Z positioning and of the spindle rotation speed

Clamping by double face vacuum pads

vacuums diameter 6,06, height 5,90 6 vacuums diameter 4,48, height 5,90

vacuum pads 9,44 x 2,95, height 5,90 4 vacuum pads 8,85 x 1 ,96, height 0,78 4 vacuum pads 17,71 x 1 ,96, height 1 ,96

Tables Mono bloc granite table thickness 120 mm equipped of one manual adjusting system n the "Y" way

(+ or - 2 mm)

T 1 08 Setting + or less 1 % by pneumatic retractable cylinder with horizontal 0 stop,

dimension : 3,2 ft x 3,93 ft, max. capacity 1000 kg

T 108 L tilting + or less 1 % by pneumatic retractable cylinder with horizonta0 stop,

dimension 10,17 ft x 4,16 ft, maxi. capacity 1000 kg

2 front truing stops vacuum type allow the alignment of the slab as to the machine shifting

Weight 2400 kg for T 1 08 S with tilting table and welded base

4200 kg for T 1 08 L (5 m) with tilting table

Machine dimensions T1 08 S (electric cabinet on the wall) L = 17,71 ft x w = 10,99 ft x H 7,54 ft

T 108 L (electric cabinet on the wall) L = 20,01 ft x w 10,97 ft x h 7,54 ft

In conformity with CE norms. The information above is indicative only. The Manufacturer reserves the right to make any change to the above features. Pictures are used for illustration only.

Dealer/Seller Contact Information
Contact Bron Henry, Product Manager
Company Selective Machinery, Inc.
Address 17434 Palamino Lake Dr
Dade City Florida 33523
Phone (541) 892-8555
Email Bron@StoneML.com

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