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Our Part

Do you have surplus machinery or equipment sitting around collecting dust? Selective Machinery Inc. can help sell your machinery by advertising, marketing and selling your fully functioning surplus machinery through StoneMachineryLocator.com. You have nothing to lose! You are welcome to continue selling the machinery yourself or list the machinery on other web sites.

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We can either add a marginal surcharge to your "net" asking price to cover our promotional expenses and profit on the sale. Or we can take a certain percentage from the "sales" price as our commission. Be reasonable with your pricing to attractive more buyers. Wishfully high pricing will only delay the sales process and even lowering the price later might not be effective. Consider the similarities to an overpriced house!


Should we get offers below the net price, we will contact you and present you with the offer. It's "your call" to accept the buyer's price or make a counteroffer. You always control the sale.


After review, your machinery will be listed on StoneMachineryLocator.com and available for web site visitors to view. We will resize the pictures you provide for faster upload and arrange them in a logical order. Your equipment will also be promoted by our sales staff through direct contact and email broadcasts to our dealer network as well as to our database of end users.

Sales papers

Selective Machinery Inc. will handle the sales process with you, such as customer contact, price negotiations, possible machinery inspections and issue such as purchase orders and invoicing. You will receive "payment in full" prior to the machinery leaving your facility.

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Your Part

Description of Machine

Please be thorough! Complete information will allow us to market your machinery quickly and more effectively. We cannot "enhance" your description and any missing information will need to be provided upon request. Time spent here will greatly increase your chances of an expedited sale.

Condition of Equipment

We ask you to rate the machine's condition to the best of your knowledge on the upper scale (mint, like new, excellent, very good, currently in operation) or on a mid to lower scale (good, as taken from service, fair).

Please be conscientious and honest in your rating. Whatever the rating, it creates an expectation for the potential buyer and needs to be proven upon delivery. Any misrepresentation will be a losing proposition for all parties involved and will never be worth the costs associated with it.

Machine Pictures

Most importantly, please email us six to ten good, bright digital photos of the machine in its current condition (ideally with date stamp) taken from different angles and detail or close-up shots of the machine in a presentable surrounding (if necessary place some tarp or plywood around the machine to cover other machinery in the frame.)

And remember, a picture says and saves 1,000 words. Especially in a "long distance" sales scenario, it's the only documentation of the overall condition of the machine. Machines without photos are less likely to attract attention and will not sell. Photos can be emailed directly to photos@StoneMachineryLocator.com. Depending on the size of the photos, you may wish to split them into multiple emails.

Machine Loading

You will be responsible for preparing the machine for safe transport and loading it onto a truck (most likely flat bed truck). Shipping costs are always covered by the buyer.

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Get Started

Are you ready to sell your machinery? Listing machines at StoneMachineryLocator.com is quick and easy. You will need to complete the listing form for each machine you wish to sell. To get started, select the link below to proceed to Step 1 of the listing process.

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